All You Need to Know About RootPA

We may come across applications on new mobile phones when using them. We may find that one app named Rootpa is running in the background. We need to find out what is it? Does it contain malware, Trojans, spyware or viruses? In this article, we will be sharing more information about this app, problems that may occur due to this, and how to solve them.

We also need to determine if it is possible to uninstall this app or stop the app from running.

What is the RootPA app?


RootPA is a mobile phone app that provides security and access to sensitive information. It will provide secure space in the mobile phone where sensitive information is stored by running on ARM Trust zone and T-Base operating system.

The ARM TrustZone is a technology that ensures efficient system-wide security in the CPU. It has hardware-enforced isolation and will provide a good starting point to establish the device root of trust in accordance with PSA guidelines.

You now know that Samsung mobile phones provide security by using this app and it is not like other spy services or any service that will steal your data, your phone is rooted by someone else, or otherwise.

I read one problem on the internet where a user with the SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET model SM-T580 found that ROOT PA version 1.96 was the culprit for many problems like the google play store not running and contacts not opening.

These all problem is created due to some other reason and not due to RootPA.

these problems are not due to RootPA. Instead, they are caused by other reasons.

Can I uninstall RootPA app on android?

You cannot uninstall RootPA app on android. RootPA is needed by the Arm TrustZone security system. It is not advisable to uninstall any services that come with the android platform.

If you want to check if this app is the cause of a problem, stop the service and then see if the same problem persists. If it does, Then It is sure, that there are any other services which are causing the problem.

How to stop RootPA service?

To stop RootPA service, you need to

  1. Go to setting>then Apps>System Apps
  2. Now locate the RootPA service, click on it.
  3. You will see the option to FORCE Stop the Service. Click to Force Stop.
  4. It will temporarily stop the service.


Is RootPA is spyware?

NO, It is not a spyware app while it is a security app provided in Samsung Smartphones or TABs.

Is it possible to uninstall RootPA?

As it is a system app, so it is nowhere possible to uninstall this app.

Is it possible to stop this App from running?

YES, You can temporarily force stop this app from running. You can follow the above steps to force stop RootPA.

Does RootPA Spy on our device?

No, it does not spy on our device. Instead, it ensures security on our devices.

What are the alternatives to RootPA?

There are two alternatives are currently available-

  • Android samsung incall UI
  • Android server telecom UI

Ending Note

You now know that RootPA is a security app provided in Samsung Smartphones or TABs. It does not spy on your device but insures its safety. So you do not need to worry about it.

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