What is com android hotwordenrollment xgoogle?

When you upgrade to Android 11, you might notice a notification that says “X Google enrollment” and is long-winded and unclear. It’s not something to worry about because it’s only an update to the Google Assistant. Google plans to change the notification’s wording in a future update because it’s not exactly clear what X Google enrollment means.

In the recent update to Android 11, we have been seeing a notification popping up on the screen when upgrading a Pixel device and then also when installing custom ROMs that are based on Android 11. This notification will appear every time you turn your phone on, which means it shows up every time you reboot your phone or restart your phone.

This is a new notification that I have been seeing recently. I think it has something to do with the Google Assistant. The message is in cryptic language, so I am not sure what it means, but it doesn’t seem to be anything dangerous or risky. This seems to be just part of the configuration process for the Google Assistant.

How to stop Notification


In the latest Android software, Google has been testing a new feature that randomly shows up in the notification bar. When clicked, it opens, which is a hotword detection app for Google Assistant setup and configuration process. To avoid being bothered by these notifications, there are a few recommendations:

a). Disable in device settings.

b). Disable notifications from to prevent the notification from popping up.

c). Remove from your device to stop com apps from running.


What is Hotworld Enrollment?

Hotworld Enrollment X Google is a voice recognition system that will improve the accessibility of devices with an unresponsive touch screen or input method. The Hotworld Enrollment can recognize commands from anywhere in a room and recognizes different voices, accents, and dialects without any training required to be completed beforehand.

How do I stop Google enrollment?

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Search for “OK Google”
  3. Choose “OK Google Enrolment”
  4. Select info.
  5. Push the “Force stop” button.
  6. Push the “Disable” button.


So basically you now understood what is hotworld Enrollment is. If you have questions or anything else regarding the topic, do let me know in the comment, I will happy to help you out.

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