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How to Use Asus Router as Repeater

You may be asking yourself, “What is a repeater?”

Well, it’s the easiest way to extend your wireless network range. This is especially useful when you are far away from the router and need a stronger signal, or if you have thick walls that block the wireless signal. Repeating the WiFi signal will cause loss of speed but make up for it by extending the distance. One way to get around this problem is to set up your second router to be closer to where you need it while repeating the signal on the first router.

What is a repeater and how does it work

A repeater is a device that receives a wireless signal, amplifies it, and transmits the signal. A WiFi repeater is very similar; it receives the wireless signal, takes it and makes it stronger, and then transmits. A WiFi repeater can be used when you are far away from your router but need a stronger signal, or when you have thick walls that block your wi-fi signal.

Since the repeater repeats the entire wireless signal instead of just receiving specific data packets like a router, there will be some loss of speed. It will also only work if the two antennas (router and repeater) are pointed in the same direction – which is something to keep in mind for home use. However, if you have a router in one area of the house, and need WiFi where your router can’t reach, setting up a repeater is easy.

How to set up your ASUS router as a repeater

Setting up your ASUS router as a repeater is a simple process. In fact, you can set it up manually or use the WiFi Boost app to do it for you. Remember that you will need to put your router in an area where you already have WiFi and be sure that the antennas are facing the same way (pointing at each other). You may have to turn one of them around with an adjustable antenna. Also make sure that the repeater signal is not too close to your main router, because this may cause interference and slow down both routers.

Setting up your ASUS router as a repeater using the WiFi Boost app.

This is an easy and effective way to boost wi-fi signal, all you have to do is download the free WiFi Boost app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow these step by step instructions:

1) First, tap on + next to ‘Devices & Apps’ in the bottom left corner of the screen; then select ‘Add device’.

2) Next choose either ‘Access point mode’ or ‘Repeater mode’, depending on which type of setup you want. In Access Point Mode your router will act like a wireless access point. This means it will be connected to another network and repeat its wi-fi signal for other devices to connect to. In repeater mode the router will act as a second wireless access point and repeat the signal of the first network that it is connected to.

3) Once you have selected which mode you want, select any other desired settings. For example you can choose to let WiFi Boost optimize your phone or tablet’s wi-fi connection for any specific device or app (e.g.or Chrome).

4) Just follow these instructions: ‘Open Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on your home wireless network’ (see image below), then choose ‘Add WiFi Network’ from within the WiFi Boost app interface. This will allow your ASUS router to connect with another router in order to repeat its signal and extend your wi-fi range.

5) You can also choose to set up your router as a repeater using the manual settings option. This will allow you to enter the names of each wireless network that you want your Asus router to connect with and repeat its signal. To do this, tap on ‘WiFi Boost’ from within the app interface (see image below), then select Manual Repeating Mode at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up an additional window with two fields for entering wireless network details – Name(SSID), which allows you to give a name for each network; and Password, which is needed when connecting devices manually.

6) Once you have added all of your desired networks to WiFi boost, turn on wi-fi on your router and tap on the WiFi Boost icon on your phone or tablet to connect.

7) Once you’ve connected to each network, the WiFi boost app will now tell you which device is currently connected to each of your ASUS router’s wi-fi connections. You can also decide if any connection should be prioritized for better performance.

8 ) Finally, just open up Chrome on your mobile device and go to [] (or whatever URL you typed in when setting up your router as a repeater). This will bring up an additional window that allows you to see how close all of your devices are from their assigned networks, how strong the signal is between them and what channels they are all using – very handy!

The benefits of using a repeater vs extending the range with an Ethernet cable or powerline adapter

There are a few benefits of using a repeater than extending the range with an Ethernet cable or powerline adapter. One benefit of using a repeater is that it typically costs less than other methods and doesn’t take up space on your desk. The downside to this is that it sacrifices speed for the increased range. There are also some downsides to using a repeater such as interference due to sharing the same wireless channels, connectivity drops, and performance degradation. You can minimize any interference by setting up the router to use different channels.


Setting up your ASUS router as a repeater is not only an excellent way to extend the range of your wireless network but it also gives you the opportunity to use different channels, minimizing interference. However, one drawback for using this method is that it sacrifices speed due to repeating or reusing the same signal over and over again. If you’re interested in setting up a second router at home so that you can have increased coverage without sacrificing too much speed then we recommend checking out our article on how to set up multiple routers with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) enabled. You’ll find helpful tips like what channel numbers are best for avoiding interference and where in your house should each router be placed for optimal performance!

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