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How to configure and set up Tenda wireless N300 router

Tenda router converts a wired LAN connection to a Wi-Fi internet connection, allowing multiple devices to access the internet, from any corner of the house.

The wireless N300 router complies with IEEE802.11n and delivers wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Tenda Wireless N300 router is perfect for everyday web usage for email, videos, chatting, and online gaming. It also works as a client router and connects the ISP network wirelessly or uplinks AP. The Tenda Wireless N300 router ensures internet availability to every corner of the house, eliminating the dead points.

Features of Tenda N300 router

  • Easy and quick wireless network setup
  • Easy Wireless security encryption, mere at a push of WPS button
  • Delivers 300Mbps wireless uninterrupted internet speed

Here we have provided complete details of the process for setup and Tenda wireless N300 router configuration.

Tenda Wireless N300 router setup

Now as you have bought Tenda wireless N300 router, it’s time for setup. It has to be done for a physical connection along with a software connection, for having it working for a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Physical Setup for Tenda wireless N300 router configuration

The physical setup of the Tenda Wireless N300 router is done by connecting the router, adapter, LAN wire, and ethernet cables. 

Just follow the steps mentioned below to set the connection and activate the wireless connection.

  • Unbox the Tenda wireless N300 router and connect it  with an adapter
  • Now connect one of the LAN ports on the device to the NIC port on your computer using an ethernet cable.
  • Now connect the ethernet cable from the internet site to the WAN port on the device.
  • Then switch on the power supply and observe the status of LEDs on the device and ensure that they are functioning properly.n301 physical setup

As the LEDs blink, confirms an active connection in the router. Now the physical setup of your router is complete. Now it’s time to activate the internet connection so that you have the connection set through a Wi-Fi connection.

Software Setup

For a software setup of the Tenda Wireless N300 router, try to get connected to the home page. Here we will configure and set up the Tender router for a wireless internet connection.

  • Launch a web browser and in the address bar, input and press Enter. This will take you to the Tenda router office portal page
  • Enter ‘admin’ as your username and password in respective fields on the login window and click OK.Tenda router login username and password
  • Now you may access the device’s home page which allows you to configure your WiFi connection from the portal page and quickly setting up the internet connection and wireless security

Once you have physically set up the Tenda router and have changed the login credentials using default login credentials, it’s time for Tenda wireless N300 router configuration.

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Configure Tenda wireless N300 Wi-Fi connection

There are two common internet connection types available on the Tenda router portal home page. These are PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) and DHCP (Dynamic IP). 

  • Visit the Tenda wireless N300 router portal homepage at
  • Login to your account with the default credentials (username & password “admin“), and click Settings.
  • Selects the Internet connection as PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) with the login password. This password will be used further to access the Tenda router portal page.
  • Now move to the wireless connection and click enable.
  • Now you will be asked to enter an SSID name. This will be the Wi-Fi name, by which your router Wi-Fi will be viewed.

Just save the changes and your wired internet connection is now available as Wi-Fi internet.

Points to be noted before Tenda Wireless N300 Router Configuration

  • To use Wi-Fi internet, the devices have to select the right SSID name and are required to provide the correct password to connect to the internet.
  • In case you have lost your router homepage password, just use the reset process and get the password changed. For more details on Tenda router password reset and recovery, go through How to reset Tenda Router password and How to recover Tenda Router password.
  • Along with the Wi-Fi password, the router portal password is also needed to be set as a part of the Tenda wireless N300 router configuration. The password will ensure the security of your internet connection and make sure only trusted devices use the internet.

Now as you have successfully done with the setup and Tenda wireless N300 router configuration, the internet connection can be easily accessed on any device, from any corner of the house. Select the router Wi-Fi name from the list of available Wi-Fi and connect to it using the password.

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