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How to fix the Tenda router sys light blinking

Sometimes you may face certain internet connectivity-related issues with your Tenda router. 

Since the Tenda router does not have any digital display on it, any issue in the router is notified by the sys lights mounted on it. If you notice the sys lights blinking on your Tenda router, it means there is some problem with internet connectivity. 

Here in this blog post, we have provided solutions to troubleshoot and fix the Tenda router sys light blinking on your router.

sys light blinking of tenda router

Router-modem connection

In case the connection between the Tenda router and the modem is broken or malfunctioned, then the router won’t be receiving the Internet connection from the modem. Because of this, the sys lights on the Tenda router start blinking. So to resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: At first check the USB cable connecting the router to the modem.
  • Step 2: If the cable found defective, just restore a new cable.
  • Step 3: Check if the USB cable from the modem is properly connected to the WAN port of the Tenda router.

If the connection is perfect and still if the sys lights are blinking, then you need to follow other steps to troubleshoot the Tenda router sys light blinking issue.

Restart the router and modem

  1. Turn off the router and the modem from the power supply and remove their power adapters.
  2. Detach the cable connection also between them.
  3. Wait for a minute.
  4. Then after a minute, connect the cable between the modem and the WAN port of the Tenda router.
  5. Connect the power adapter and turn it on.
  6. Let it boot up altogether.
  7. Then, attach the power adapter to the Tenda router and turn it on.
  8. Check if the Tenda router sys light blinking issue has been resolved.

Check the modem

Instead of connecting the computer to the Tenda router, connect it directly to the modem to ensure if the internet is working or not. If the internet is working properly, then there is no issue with your modem or ISP.

If the internet is not working, then you need to check with your ISP for any outage or connectivity issues.

Also, check the USB cable. If defective, replace it immediately with a new cable.

Upgrade Router Firmware to fix Tenda router sys light blinking

If the Tenda router’s firmware is out of date, then you could come across such kinds of issues. So, you will have to download the latest Tenda router firmware from its official site, using some other internet connection. Once you have downloaded the latest firmware from the Tenda official website, connect your Tenda router to the computer, and access the Tenda router’s web interface, and update the firmware.

Then connect the Tenda router to the modem and check if the sys light blinking issue has been resolved.

You can read this guide for upgrading Tenda Router’s Firmware.

Reset the router

If the sys light blinking issue is still not resolved, then the final solution would be to reset the router.

  1. Locate the reset button on your Tenda router. (It should be behind the Router, check image for reference)resetting tenda router using reset wps button
  2. Press the reset button for about 8 to 15 seconds.
  3. Once the Tenda router is reset, it will reboot.
  4. Now, check again if the sys light blinking issue on the Tenda router has been resolved

We hope that by using these steps you will be able to fix the Tenda router sys light blinking issue.

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