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How to Upgrade Tenda Router Firmware

To ensure the smooth functioning of the Tenda Router, make sure that the setup and configuration of the router are genuine. Check our post on the configuration and settings of the Tenda Router here How to configure and Setup Tenda Wireless n300 Router.  Also, make sure that the Tenda firmware n300 and Tenda firmware n301 are updated to terminate the risk of certain issues of the Tenda router.

Need of Tenda Router firmware upgrade

We recommend a firmware upgrade to update some features and functions or resolve a particular problem that you are experiencing.

An updated firmware ensures that your Tenda Router is functioning smoothly. On top of that, the latest firmware version will add some additional attributes to the Tenda router. In simple words, we can say, the Tenda Router firmware upgrade will fix performance-related issues of the Tenda router.

Make sure you download the correct Firmware for your Router. You can download firmware from here. After Downloading Extract it somewhere.

Steps for Tenda Router firmware update

Tenda N300 Wireless Router is the top-selling routers of Tenda. Before the update of the Tenda Router firmware, you have to download the latest firmware version from the Tenda official website. After downloading the latest firmware, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and browse the default IP address ( of the router
  2.  Log in to the router admin panel using the default username and password of the router, unless you changed it. The default username and password are both ‘admin’. Please check What is Tenda Router Default Password and log in for more details.
  3.  Click on Administration and then under the device management, You will see an option to upgrade firmware. tenda router firmware upgrade                
  4. Now click on the Firmware Update link and then on Browse the extracted file, located in the left-hand panel.
  5. As you select the extracted file, a pop-up will appear on your browser to confirm upgrading the firmware.a pop up asking for tenda router firmware upgrade
  6. After clicking OK, Firmware will start upgrading.upgrading tenda firmware
  7. Once it is completed, your router will reboot itself. 
  8. Connect with Tenda Wifi again to Enjoy the Internet.

Things to consider while upgrading the Tenda Router firmware

  1. Do not update the router firmware without technical support or specific reason.
  2. Unprofessional and inappropriate up-gradation of the Tenda router’s firmware could make the router not fit to be used. So, it is always better to seek the support and assistance of a qualified technician.
  3. Make sure that the Tenda router up-gradation process is completed using a wired connection and not a wireless connection. It may result in failure and damage to the router.
  4. Do not interrupt the power to the Tenda router while the upgrading process is going on.
  5. Make sure you have the latest firmware version from the Tenda official website. 
  6. After upgrading Tenda Router Firmware, make sure to restore the Tenda router’s factory defaults and then re-configure your Tenda router for custom settings.

Sometimes it is important to upgrade your router to the latest firmware version if the present firmware no longer fulfills your needs.

An upgraded Tenda Router firmware will eliminate the risk of encountering any router issues, adding new features to the router.

For any questions or queries about the Tenda firmware update, contact Tenda Support

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