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[Step by Step ] How to Reset Asus Router Password

How to reset the password on an Asus router is not a procedure that should be carried out by amateurs even if you have administrative privileges. How to reset ASUS routers is usually necessary after changing the WiFi network name and/or transposing settings. Rebooting ASUS routers can be dangerous when caution is not given as the wrong settings could lock you out of your router, preventing access to important files and information. Resetting an ASUS router usually involves making changes to the router’s setup page with a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Changing password on Asus Routers are different than how to reset routers because it requires hardware, unlike other ways to reset Asus router. Changing a Router’s password is not as drastic as how to reset an ASUS router since it only requires changing a simple setting instead of clicking on firmware upgrade, rebooting, and entering commands in the command prompt. How to fix Asus routers is performed by professionals due to its complexity.

Steps to Reset Asus Router Password

reset asus router password

To reset the password on the Asus router is not the same for all processes. Resetting ASUS router passwords are usually necessary when you have lost or forgotten your login credentials. It involves changing your WiFi channel as well as updating your firmware because these processes are part of how to fix an ASUS router.

Step by Step guide to reset Asus Router Wifi Password

Step 1: Log in to your ASUS router by entering in the browser and then click on the ‘Administration’ tab or enter Username * / Password *.

Step 2: Choose ‘Restore Default Settings and click Apply button to Reset Asus Router Password.

Step 3: Wait until rebooting is complete, go back into the Administration tab after rebooting the router to check for firmware version. Then click Restore Default Settings again and hit Apply button to reset the password of the ASUS router successfully.

Step by Step Guide to Reset Admin Password of Asus Router

Step 1: Go to your Admin page and log in by entering Username / Password.

Step 2: Choose ‘Restore Default Settings and click Apply button to reset the admin password of Asus Router. Wait for rebooting until it is completed.

Step 3: Navigate back into the Administration tab after rebooting the router, then choose to Restore Default Settings again and hit Apply button to verify whether you can access the admin panel of the ASUS router successfully or not.


Well, if you successfully reset your ASUS router password as well as admin password, the next task for you would be to change your login credentials. You can achieve this by choosing ‘Change Password’ on the Administration tab of your router after rebooting it.

Concluding I hope this article was useful for users who need to Reset their Asus Router Password!  For any requests or suggestions, please comment here!

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